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Increases Erectile Arousal & Sensation.
You will literally tingle with delight.


1. What is Hercules Men's Gel?

Hercules Men's Gel is a natural specialty product. When topically applied, Hercules Men's Gel helps most men with erectile dysfunction. Hercules Men's Gel helps erections last throughout sexual intercourse. Hercules Men's Gel uses a natural approach toward increased sexual pleasure. It has no known side effects and is applied topically to the skin of the genitals for a targeted response. Our power combination of ingredients increases blood flow to the genitals and heightens sensation and arousal for both you and your partner. It only takes seconds to feel the effects and can be used any time during foreplay or intercourse.

2. What is Hercules Men's Gel made from? The main ingredient of Hercules Men's Gel is l'arginine. L'arginine is an amino acid found in dietary products. L-Arginine increases blood flow to the penis. The sensual arousal of the L-arginine effect, in combination with the physical stimulation of the penis during intercourse, develops into rock hard erections, more staying power and explosive and multiple sexual reponsiveness.

3. Who needs Hercules Men's Gel ?

Hercules Men's Gel is ideal for aging men who wish to remain sexually active. Experts have estimated that about 5% of men at 40 report complete erectile dysfunction: by 65, 15% to 25% of men are troubled by the problem, and over the age of 75, about 55% of men report being chronically impotent. With Hercules Men's Gel, interest in sex does not have to decrease with age.

Hercules Men's Gel will be of interest to all sexually active men. Hercules Men's Gel, when applied will increase penile strength, prolong erection, and prolong post-ejaculation erection. Hence, Hercules Men's Gel is ideal for men of any age who wish to enhance their sexual abilities.

4. How does Hercules Men's Gel work?

It works by expanding the blood vessels in the genitalia, causing increased blood flow. In addition, it increases the formation of Nitrous Oxide, a natural substance that is important for producing an erection.

5. How effective is Hercules Men's Gel?

When applied prior to intercourse, Hercules Men's Gel has been proven to help increase penile strength, prolong erection, and prolong post-ejaculation erection. When applied on a frequent basis, Hercules Men's Gel will help even more to induce erection more frequently.

6. How should Hercules Men's Gel be applied?

The men's gel should be applied on the penile area. Massaged until the gel is absorbed, or leave the gel as a lubricant.

7. How often can Hercules Men's Gel be applied?

The men's gel can be applied prior to intercourse, or for maximum long-term results, it is advised that Hercules Men's Gel be used regularly. The gel should be applied twice daily, after one-week erections will elevate more easily and will help the user feel more active and responsive.

8. Is Hercules Men's Gel safe?

Unlike other remedies for impotence and erectile dysfunction, Hercules Men's Gel is applied topically (external application), not taken orally. The gel is safe as it is a topical application. There have been no reports of adverse reaction; however whenever there are questions, your physician is the best source of advice for your own health.

NOTE: This product is FOR MEN ONLY. It should not be taken or used by children, women, those with high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) and prostate cancer. If you suffer from any disease please consult your physician before using these products.