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Butt it Out™ - The System

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30 day supply - Use for 1 month

Capsules and oral spray formulas

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With each purchase of the System you receive our Guide to Smoking Cessation Ebook! $30.00 Value





stop smoking

The Butt it Out™ Quit Smoking System consists of all-natural herbal medicines designed specifically to help a smoker reach their goal of quitting smoking - safer, faster and easier than other deterrents in the marketplace. They will help reduce the body’s craving for nicotine and will help you to stop smoking once and for all.

They give proven relief to symptoms such as depression, insomnia, anxieties, headaches, stress, coughing and irritability. The Butt it Out™ Quit Smoking System contains essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even anti-oxidant properties to help rebuild your system. The System also cleanses the blood of nicotine and thousands of other smoke pollutants, thus giving the quitter a better chance of ‘staying quit’.

Extra Ingredients added to combat nicotine addiction:

St. John's Wort (anxiety, stress, depression, coughs, colds), Liquorice Root (supports respiratory system,nausea, insomnia), Echinacea Purpurea (immune enhancer, natural antibiotic),  Kelp (rich in nutrients containing 30 minerals), Dandelion Root (purifies blood, tones liver, diuretic, weight loss aid)  , Burdock Root (powerful blood purifier, aids digestion), Bilberry (high nutritive value, anti-oxidant, improves vision)

The System also addresses the dreaded ‘weight gain factor’ that stops many smokers from even trying to quit. One of the medicinal ingredients in this proprietary formula is known to be an effective appetite suppressant. These Government Approved medicines are safe for teenagers trying to quit.

* Eases withdrawal symptoms dramatically * Reduces the desire to smoke * Recognized by Health Canada & the FDA as an OTC drug * All-natural herbal ingredients * Enhances quick detoxification of nicotine * Confronts nicotine addiction in the brain and body * Non-addictive * Safe for Teenagers

The 'Quit Smoking System' includes one bottle of Butt it Out™ capsules and one bottle of Butt it Out™ Plus oral spray. By ordering them together in the Quit Smoking System you receive a money back guarantee! We are so confident that when you use these medicines together for 30 days, you will quit smoking and we guarantee it! See the FAQ's link in the main menu for complete information on these wonderful medicines.

What have you got to lose? Order our life-saving kit today and get free of nicotine forever. Remember, nicotine in any form will just keep you addicted. Our medicines get this poisonous substance out of your body improving your chances of staying quit.

stop smoking

Take 3 capsules of Butt it Out™ daily. Whenever you get a craving for a cigarette, use Butt it Out™ Plus oral spray according to the directions on the label.