Butt it Out Plus Oral Spray

30 day supply - Use for 2 -3 months (if not using the Complete System)

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Butt it Out Plus ™ is allowed by the Canadian Government to make the medical claim: 'Traditional Herbal Medicine to Help you Quit Smoking'

This herbal medicine is recognized by the Canadian Government as a Quit Smoking Aid. The main ingredient, lobelia, mimics the effects of Nicotine but is non-addictive. In smoking cessation, its use as a replacement for Nicotine helps the smoker by reducing withdrawal symptoms and the desire to smoke.

Butt it Out Plus ™ is an all-natural herbal medicine designed specifically to help a smoker reach their goal of quitting smoking safer, faster and easier than other deterrents in the marketplace. It will help reduce the body's craving for nicotine and will help you to stop smoking once and for all!

Butt it Out Plus ™ gives proven relief to symptoms such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, stress, coughing, irritability and more. Butt it Out Plus ™ contains essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even anti-oxidant properties to help rebuild your system. It also cleanses the blood of nicotine and thousands of other smoke pollutants, thus giving the quitter a better chance of 'staying quit'. Remember, it is the nicotine that creates the cravings that cause many quitters to return to smoking.

This medicine also addresses the dreaded 'weight gain factor' that stops many smokers from even trying to quit! One of the medicinal ingredients in this proprietary formula is known to be an effective appetite suppressant.

One of the active ingredients, lobelia inflata, works in the brain to combat nicotine addiction. Nicotine targets a group of cells deep within the center of the brain that cause pleasurable sensations. Lobelia binds up these cells, blocking nicotine from reaching its destination, thus reducing the physical, as well as the psychological urge for nicotine.

The basic physiological action of lobelia resembles that of nicotine but lobelia is non-addicting. We consider lobelia to be Mother Nature's alternative to Nicotine Replacement Therapy. This valuable herb has traditionally been used by herbalists as a smoking deterrent. No other quit smoking aid addresses all these factors of nicotine addiction!

Extra Ingredients added to combat nicotine addiction:

St. John's Wort (anxiety, stress, depression, coughs, colds) stress, depression, Liquorice Root (supports respiratory system,nausea, insomnia)
Echinacea Purpurea (immune enhancer, natural antibiotic)
Kelp (rich in nutrients containing 30 minerals)
Dandelion Root (purifies blood, tones liver, diuretic, weight loss aid)
Burdock Root (powerful blood purifier, aids digestion)
Bilberry (high nutritive value, anti-oxidant, improves vision)

DOSAGE:  Shake bottle before using. Take 3-6 sprays directly into mouth when you crave a cigarette. Do not use with nicotine replacement products as your goal is to rid your body of addictive poison. As smoking is one of the toughest addictions to conquer, we recommend that you continue taking this medicine for 3 months. This will give your body time to expel the toxins and pollutants it has built up from smoking.